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Newgrounds is Awesome

2008-08-16 09:40:33 by CaptainWonderpants

After being an NG member for a few months now, I just have to say that at least half the songs on my mp3 player are from this website.
It's awesome to be able to check back everyday for some amazing songs of all different genres.
You can go from a face-melting guitar-solo-filled epic rock song to a downbeat chillout song, back to a fast paced trance song; I love it.

In fact, I don't think I've opened iTunes in quite some time; I have all the music I need right here.

Another new song...

2008-07-01 03:18:46 by CaptainWonderpants


Sadder than "Sunshine".

Still got piano in it, though :D



New Song Out

2008-06-14 11:13:34 by CaptainWonderpants

Heya, internet.

New song, "Sunshine" is out.

I hope you enjoy it.

- cw